On May 27, I wil start my 7-day hiking beyond Santiago de Compostela, completing a triangle between Muxia, Finisterre and Hospital. A path that means the closing of the cycle of the French Way to Santiago de Compostela that I made 7 years earlier in 2012.

Working my intention for this path with the energy of 7, I managed to organize an outline of how to work the daily intention along the way. In numerology, 7 means the correct order of things. Spirit (3) over matter (4). In tarot, Arcane 7 is The Chariot, the beginning of the journey with mental focus.

So, taking this into account, I decided to organize the days on the road by dividing them in two. The first 4 days will provide a solid foundation focusing on the past and the present. The last 3 days will consolidate the closure and open the doors to the new, focusing on the present and the future as follows:

1 day. Forgive and be thankful for past situations that are pending. Even of which I am not aware.

2 day: Heal and Bless relationships and people who, through their presence in my life, short or long, gave me teachings, messages and awareness.

3 day. Acknowledge my limiting beliefs and use the tools I have received to transform them into empowering beliefs.

4 day. Accept the Here and Now by acknowledging the Wisdom of Uncertainty, remembering the relief you feel when you release the control and discovering the collateral beauty of everything lived.

5 day. Open the door to the new, rediscovering my true Self and thus the true Doing.

6 day. Accept the abundance around me.

7 day. Trust in my creative power and that also manifests itself in the present perfect. And while that happens, keep up the enthusiasm and keep having fun.

Of course it sounds very nice and easy on paper and from experience I know that the Camino also shows you other things or deviates you towards others. But around here I feel like it’s a good first step. The following will be shown when walking. To this I will add the sowing of Quartz that I will carry out along the way, accompanied by photos and perhaps videos during the journey uploaded to the Facebook page where I will tell how I am going and how are goingo those who, in the distance, have already told me that they will accompany me .

Ultreya and Suseya!

Buen Camino.


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