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Working on our inner fulfillment and satisfaction

Shall we introduce ourselves?

I’m Alessandra Cuéllar Soares, life coach and spiritual counsellor, and my goal is to accompany people to recover the excitement of achieving their goals from a spiritual perspective, and with the feet on the ground.

This said, can I read your mind a little?


You are good at what you do and you earn good money but for some reason you feel that something is missing… 


An unexpected change has come into your life and you don’t understand why or for what…


You have dreams but you don’t know how to start, or you don’t want to take risks and let go of what you already have in order to achieve them…


You want to nourish yourself spiritually but you are not able to connect or you don’t feel comfortable with the places you have visited.

I also went through this and now I know that there is not only one but several possibilities for a solution. I accompany you to find together the one that is right for you.

Let me tell you more.

My history

Half Colombian, half Brazilian and building my home in Germany.

From a very young age, I was very curious about the spiritual and scientific world. For a little over 10 years, I worked as a food engineer in different areas of multinational companies until I reached a high position in the commercial area.

Like most women, I had to work more than double to prove that I could be excellent and worthy of a better salary. Over time, I was forced to make decisions that went against my deepest spiritual values and beliefs. Feeling this inconsistency, I decided to resign without thinking too much and without any plan. I was not only unsatisfied but lost and sorry for the decision I had just made.

However, I received help from different therapists, I used the time and I completed different self-awareness courses like astrology and flower essences that allowed me not only to discover my vocation, but also to reinvent myself as a professional and to embrace the moments of change. I continued my training and I became certified as a coach, I also took different courses in Neurolinguistic Programming and Self-awareness with different oracular tools.

When I started as a Priestess of the Ancient Religion, I developed a course, among others, that has allowed more than 300 people, between men and women, to discover their own gifts and to start listening to their internal master through magic and new energy.

Trabajando en nuestra plenitud y satisfacción interna

For more than 11 years, I have dedicated exclusively to helping people to understand their own processes and, I accompany them to create the life they want by being faithful to their true self through coaching sessions and self-awareness therapies.

Now from Germany, where I live with my husband for 4 years, I continue working on my own change processes by reinventing myself when it’s necessary and acquiring more and more experience to continue accompanying people’s change processes, not only in person but also on-line.

I am convinced that working in our fullness and internal satisfaction, we make a great contribution to the construction of a more fair, beautiful and equitable society.

Do you want us to work together? Click here to see what I can offer you.

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