Each path brings its own teachings and I am still in the process of assimilating them. One of the most important teachings I received as the conclusion of the day, when I arrived at my destination earlier than planned. For that day I had prepared myself mentally and logistically, since I knew that most of the way was going up and that I was not going to find any shops or bars where I could rest. I started early, because I knew that the temperature was going to rise to more than 35 ° C, I took with me a sufficient supply of water and food. During the journey my mind began to wander in freedom, as every pilgrim always does.

Although I do not remember well the complete chain of thoughts, I do remember that the topic was obstacles and interruptions when you want to start something. I had been clear for several years, that the constant struggle to achieve something was a belief that should transform and I believed that it had done so. The mentality of “you have to fight for what you want” or “without effort there is no glory” are very cultural beliefs not only in Colombia but in Latin America and transforming it becomes a “fight” because there is also the belief that there is only one true value if it has cost you to achieve it. I worked on it in the past and I did it, because I managed to “work less and earn more”.

But as more layers are discovered and beliefs have different nuances, I discovered that, although I am convinced that there is no need to fight, a part of me still waits for the fight and therefore create it.

And I discovered it that day on the road. All the preparation I had the previous afternoon was precisely a preparation to face the possible obstacles. As I am convinced of my strength and my personal power, I am also very convinced that I can overcome any obstacle because my fighting spirit is unbeatable. And therein lies the problem. So much conviction what it does is that I begin to create those obstacles myself so that my fighting spirit can float and continue reaffirming this belief.

Fortunately the path shows you what you no longer need. And that day I arrived earlier than expected. Of course it required physical effort but not more than what I had experienced in previous days and I had plenty of water and I had no need to eat what I had prepared. When I arrived and verified that I had indeed reached the destination of that day, I simply thought: “It was easier than expected.” And with that phrase I stayed and began to meditate on it. And my conclusion was that as well as my conviction to be able to assume and overcome any obstacle, it generates situations where it overcomes obstacles, also the thought of “easier than expected” will generate situations where it feels that way.

And although the spirit of struggle empowered me and served me in the past when I decided to walk my life in my own way, now it is not necessary. I have already arrived at the port of my Being and that fighting spirit of which I was proud now is the obstacle.

So today, at Full Moon I will start with the installation of a new belief and on the summer solstice, next Friday, I will put it into operation. A new path awaits me starting this Wednesday in the Austrian mountains, a new challenge that already looks easier than expected.

Let’s celebrate the full moon together today, let’s celebrate the longest day of the year next Friday and let’s see together that life is to be lived in beauty, joy, enthusiasm and curiosity. And that it offers us everything to achieve our goals in an easy, challenging and fun way.

So it is and it is done.


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