In 2012 I did the French Way to Santiago de Compostela and then to Muxia and Finisterre. 930 km of adventure, mental confrontation, surprises, miracles and blessings. When I arrived in Muxía, already at sea, I began to speak to the hostel’s hospitalero, asking him particularly about the true end point of the Camino. Well, some said Muxía, others said Finisterre.

He asked me: “And why do you want to know what the real ending is?” and I took advantage and extended myself by telling him all the information I had received about the magnetic lines of the Earth, about how the French Way is one of them, about how the lines continue towards the sea, the different energy polarities of the two cities, and others. He took me to another room full of old books and maps and explained to me that in the old times,  Finisterra  was the area that included a vast territory of the Costa da Morte and that include, in addition to other towns, Muxía and Finisterre. In other words, when the old books say that the end was in Finisterre, it included any town within the area. Muxia became more popular than the others for his shells on the beach, which the walkers of yesteryear, before Christianization, collected as a proof that they had completed the journey. Also, opening a large, heavy and old book, he read me something about an energy triangle that includes Muxía, Finisterre and Hospital. I never forgot what he said to me:

“This triangle is very important for you to do, because it is to close the cycle that you have opened with the French Way. And you must close it. You must make the complete triangle. But first you must have made the entire Celtic journey and then make the triangle. You do not need to go all the way back from the Pyrenees, but it is important to close the cycle with the triangle. You can do it at any time and you don’t necessarily have to do it in this life. But you already have the information. ”

Of course I was fascinated with the information. In fact, at the reception they had the route of the entire road publicly displayed including the triangle as a closure and I took advantage and took the photo that I publish along with this blog. I of course told him that I was going to do it and that I would like to do it in this life. I realized when we said goodbye that I had not asked her name. And when I did, she replied: Angel.

This year, 7 years later (7 = the correct order of things), I have the opportunity to make the triangle and close the cycle that I opened in 2012. And like many of the things in my life, this opportunity was created as a consequence of other important creations. A week of Camino, I still do not know how I will live it or where it will take me. I only know what Angel told me: Close the cycle that I opened when I did the complete trail 7 years ago. Well, a lot has happened. 7 years ago on the road I not only found my husband, I also found new eyes, which allowed me to live my life in a different and happy way and also pass it on to others. As I write, I begin to receive ideas of how to live daily this path, how to work it internally and how to transmit it through the networks as I did with previous paths.

Well, whoever wants to walk with me, even if you don’t have cycles to close, you can do it through my Facebook page. This time I am also going to take some Quartz and if someone wants to be included in that sowing with their intention, can write me via Facebook. The truth is that it gives me great joy to walk in Spain again after 7 years, although I also feel the indescribable emotion that generates the uncertainty of the correct order of things. But as always, there is the certainty of a wonderful result.

I wrote a month ago to the Hostel in Muxía with the intention of knowing if Ángel was still there. A big smile appeared on my face when I read the answer that Angel himself wrote me, happy that I remembered him and his information. He gave me his cell phone and of course I called him immediately. Well, all I need to do is get my backpack and boots ready and start walking. I start on May 27 from Muxía, direction Hospital and Finisterre to end in Muxía and close the cycle.

Buen Camino!


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